Sales Support


When Air Forces decide to sell their surplus equipment, this usually involves a lot of work besides just making the sale, especially when this pertains aircraft. Daedalus has an extensive knowledge of the military aviation market and is able to provide a solution for those Air Forces that are not equipped to support the sales effort.

Daedalus offers the following sales support:

  • Assist in finding the right customer
  • Provide full program management
  • Prepare aircraft or other equipment for transfer
    • (de)modification
    • perform any open or deferred maintenance
  • Assist in putting together a spare part support package
  • Assist in the setup and management of Country Specific Technical Orders (CSTOs)
  • Assist in transferring knowledge to the new customer
  • Provide training for new customers
  • Provide (long term) engineering support
  • Act as a liaison between seller and buyer as part of a support package


Daedalus' goal is to relieve the "selling Air Force" from as much excessive burden as possible in order for them to maintain focussed on their primary tasks.