Personnel Support


Daedalus Aviation Personnel services include recruiting, hiring and employing technical specialists in order to provide their customers with on-site expertise, to fill (short-term) manning gaps in areas such as flight line operations, O-level, I-level and back-shop maintenance. Furthermore Daedalus can provide experienced programmanagers, planners and maintenance managers to ensure swift execution of your activities.

By hiring Daedalus technicians, our customers experience a rapid on-site manpower additions to meet operational needs which is cost effective considering the fact that our people are already trained and experienced.

With well over 100 qualified, fully screened, technicians, engineers and logisticians Daedalus can offer you flexible solutions, short term and long term, to optimize the performance of your organization.

Daedalus provides experienced multilingual specialists for a large variety of trades. Among the nationalities that work for us are technicians from the USA, Turkey, France and The Netherlands. Most of them with an extensive military background.

The most common trades in whcih we support are the following.

  • Avionics
  • Mechanics
  • Armament
  • Engines
  • Sheetmetal
  • NDI (up to level 3)
  • Crewchief
  • Egress
  • Engineering
  • Program Managers
  • Work planning


Our competitive rates include all required arrangements like transportation, housing, insurance, work permits, etc. Besides our standard work force our database contains well over 2000 specialists that have worked for us in the past or sent in their CVs and passed our criteria.

Daedalus predominantly works with field teams, that work on-site at the various worldwide customer locations.