On-The-Job Training


Next to actually executing maintenance, Daedalus can also provide specific on-the-job training (OJT) for (type) trained personnel in order to enable organizations to perform big modification projects or other types of more complex maintenance activities. In most cases these OJTs will be combined with actual execution of the projects themselves.

Within the various trades of aircraft maintenance in which Daedalus deploys personnel, Daedalus can also provide highly experienced technicians that can operate as trainers or instructors in order to transfer knowledge to a customer that has no or only limited knowledge of the specific work that is to be performed.

This concept of knowledge transfer has already successfully been applied in Chile (see "Our Customers"), where personnel of the aircraft maintenance company ENAER has been trained on-the-job during the execution of a complex structural modifcation program. During this project Daedalus gradually turns over the work to ENAER, in this case, by performing the work on the first aircraft themselves while ENAER looks over the shoulder, perform the work together with ENAER on the second aircraft and have ENEAR do the third aircraft by themselves while Daedalus watches over their shoulder.

Besides OJT within the aircraft maintenance sector, Daedalus can also provide training (classroom and OJT) for support elements like Groud Support Equipment (end-user, maintainer), management and use of supporting IT systems, etc.in close coordination with its partners.

Furthermore Daedalus can offer solutions that include classroom based maintenance training (including type training) through our partner network. We are working on integrating innovative solutions based on Virtual Maintenance Trainers which eventually can also be purchased by the customer in support of their future contingency.