Our Partners

      AAR is een van de grootste MRO-providers die componentenonderhoud uitvoert voor diverse vliegtuigsystemen. AAR heeft naast een tweetal vestigingen in Nederland eveneens meerdere onderhoudsbedrijven in het buitenland.

Met Lockheed Martin is een overeenkomst gesloten voor gezamenlijk F-16 onderhoud voor de Koninklijke Luchtmacht en diverse buitenlandse defensie organisatie. 

TiaT Europe BV. Threshold Inspection & Application Training (up to Level 3)

TiaT Europe is our professional partner for Non-Destructive testing through whom we can provide NDT courses and Training, Inspection Services, Engineering and Consultancy.

Ground Equipment Support Maintenance Overhaul and Control

GESMOC has an extensive experience in managing Aerospace Ground Equipment (including Liquid Oxygen) within Air Forces. Through GESMOC Daedalus can offer fully integrated GSE support ranging from procurement and maintenance of GSE to classroom and on-the-job training of users and maintainers.

Upon request we can setup a GSE support package based on a Service Level Agreement.

BlueTea - The Interaction Engineers

BlueTea is our partner that is specialized in developing and implementing interactive digital training support systems. For this they use innovative state-of-the-art technology like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Natural User Interfaces and voice recognition technology. This technology can be embedded in any training solution.

The Eagle Compliance Company

The Eagle Compliance Company is specialised in design and delivery of made-to-order export control compliance programs (e.g. ITAR) and tools. With an unmatched level of expertise and craft TECC designed control systems and support services set new standards for the most improtant transactions in your business.

PT ICM  is our partner is a fully certified service-provider serving as well the commercial as the military aviation markets in Indonesia.