Our Customers


Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF)

Daedalus provides the RNLAF with technical personnel to support in Aircraft Generation, Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance, Component Maintenance and Depot Level Maintenance on Volkel (F-16) and Leeuwarden (F-16) Air Base, Gilze Rijen Air Base (Chinook, Apache, Cougar) and the Logistic depot facility LCW at Woensdrecht (F-16, Chinook, Apache and Cougar). In the past Daedalus also performed maintenance on a part of the RNLAF transport fleet (KDC-10 and C-130).

During the conversion of approximately 140 F-16s from the Operational Capability Upgrade (OCU) version to the Mid Life Update (MLU) standard, Daedalus actively participated in the whole project. Daedalus was also part of the Pacer Amster (Falcon Star) team that performed an extensive structural modification on the RNLAF MLU fleet.


Royal Norwegian Air Force - Luftforsvaret (RNoAF)

Daedalus provides the RNoAF with technical personnel to support in Aircraft Generation, Line Maintenance and Base Maintenance on Ørland Main Air Station (F-16) and Bodø Main Air Station (F-16).  Occasionally Daedalus provides spare parts for RNoAF.


Chilean Air Force - Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACh)

After the sale of RNLAF F-16s to FACh in 2007, Daedalus particpated in the combined Dutch defense industry support initiative called NEWCO. In this constellation of various companies Daedalus has the lead and acts as the legal entity. Through this initiative, that is based on the one-stop shop principle, Daedalus mans the FACh Program Office (FPO) which is responsible for engineering related issues and to evaluate and align RNLAF F-16 procedures, Technical Orders, local modifications, etc. with the reuqimenents for FACh. The FPO office is located at Woensdrecht Air Base. Daedalus also mans the NEWCO Program Office (NPO), which is integrated in the FACh F-16 Support Office at the FACh Logistic Command HQ in Santiago de Chile and is responsible to support in program management, provide advice on engineering and act as a direct advicsor for the Head of the FACh F-16 Support Office.

In 2009 Daedalus combined an on-the-job training for FACh F-16 mechanics, NDI specialists and sheetmetal workers with a structural modification known as the "Banana Repair" (referring to the shape of the patch). The modification was performed on 3 FACh F-16 MLUs after which FACh was enabled and qualified to perform the modificationon  the remainder of the aircraft themselves.

In 2010 Daedalus assisted in the setup of a F-16 Integrated Training Solution (known as the "FITS" program) for FACh. A decommissioned F-16 from RNLAF was disassembled, shipped and assembled on Cerro Moreno Air Base in Antofagasta. The FITS program was executed in close coordination with the Stratagem Group and the World Class Aviation Academy that provide the classroom training at their facility in Woensdrecht and on-the-job training at Cerro Moreno Air Base in Chile. For the on-the-job training Daedalus supported with instructors and trhough their partner TiaT which provided the NDI  training. Furthermore Daedalus arranged all housing, transportation and resident permits from their administration support office for the Chilean technicians during their stay in The Netherlands.

In 2010 Daedalus started the so called Pacer Amstel project (also known as "Falcon Star" plus some unfinished modifications from "Falcon Up"). During this project technicians from FACh and ENAER (a partly military-partly civilian support organization for FACh) receive on-the-job training while Daedalus performs the modification and gradually turns over to FACh-ENAER team. This "knowledge transfer" project will be executed on three (3) F-16s after which FACh-ENAER should be able to perform the remainder themselves. Daedalus also provides spare parts and support equipment for FACh on a regular basis.


Indonesian Air Force - Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU)

Between 2000 and 2002 Daedalus executed the "Falcon Up" structural modification program on the TNI-AU F-16 fleet. In order to perform this modification in the most time-effective manner, Daedalus setup the whole workflow planning and aligned it with the modkit composition, special tool requirements and consumables ordering. Daedalus completed the whole project within the set budget and time constraints and up until today there has not been any warranty claim. We proudly include the Certificate of Acceptance and the Letter of Recommendation that we received after the succesfull completion of the project.


Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services has long term experience with performing depot-level maintenance, modifications, upgrades and phase inspections for the RNoAF fleet of F-16 Fighter Aircraft. KAMS is in the process of expanding the scope to include other fixed wing platforms such as C-130 Hercules and P-8 Poseidon as well. Maintaining the Continued Airworthiness of the aircraft and any aircraft component is the main purpose of the MRO activities conducted by KAMS.

As part of the MRO process, KAMS utilizes in-house maintenance workshops, including sheet metal, non-destructive inspection, avionics, engine shop, metals technology, egress, and fuel systems maintenance. As Lockheed approved Falcon Depot, conducting phase inspections for the F-16 is core business. During the phase maintenance KAMS takes an in-depth look at the entire aircraft by performing thorough close visual inspections. Depending on inspection findings, repairs get initiated. During phase maintenance additional time is allocated for Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs), modifications and upgrades to meet customer demands.